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SOLIS is a six-story 34,260 SF cornerstone of the Capitol Hill neighborhood developed by SolTerra Capital. The property is located at 1300 East Pike Street, Seattle, Washington. Recently opened in May of 2020, the brand new building features 45 residential units and three ground-floor retail spaces. SOLIS is currently 100% leased and features top-tier tenants.

Location Details:

SOLIS is an award-winning mixed-use building located at 1300 East Pike Street in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. 

Situated on the popular Pine-Pike corridor, SOLIS is surrounded by a lively mix of restaurants, bars, and prime retail and entertainment venues, offering incredible proximity to major tech employers and Seattle’s largest universities and hospital systems, as well as excellent transportation links.

Offering Quick Facts:

Building Quick Facts: 

  • Recent construction, completed May 2020
  • 6-story mixed-use property with 34,260 SF of total rentable space
  • 100% Leased 
  • Exempt from property tax on over 61% of assessed value for 10-years 
  • Well-located in Seattle’s culture epicenter, Capitol Hill Pike-Pine corridor  
  • Common equity held side-by-side with respected sponsor
  • Certified Seattle’s largest Passive House Project (2021)

SOLIS is an award-winning Passive House — & Details on PHIUS 

The property meets Passive House Standards and was recognized by PHIUS as the “Best Multi-Family Project of the Year” in 2021. SOLIS is a leading example of ecological design. On average, developing a Passive House requires only 5% higher construction costs while offering owners and tenants up to 70% less energy usage for climate control and up to a 60% overall reduction in utility bills for residents. 

Founded in 2007 by Katrin Klingenberg, who designed and built the very first home in the United States to the passive building energy standard, the Passive House Institute US (“PHIUS”) is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that trains and certifies professionals, and quality assures passive buildings while conducting research to advance high-performance building. 

Buildings that meet the PHIUS+ standard use 40-60% less energy than conventional buildings. These buildings provide superior indoor air quality, resilience during power outages, and an extremely quiet, comfortable indoor environment. Project teams are increasingly adopting passive building principles and the PHIUS+ standard for single-family, multifamily, and commercial construction.

Tenant Deep-Dive 

The iconic six-story building is 100% leased and blends 45 residential units and 3 first-floor retail spaces into 34,260 SF of total rentable space. 

Key Financial Consideration

As soon as the IPO is live, investors will be able to purchase shares on a first-come, first-served basis. Currently you can log into the platform to research the offering. If you are interested in purchasing shares of this asset, we encourage you to create and fund your LEX account so that you can easily participate in the IPO when it opens. Once the IPO closes, the secondary market will open. 

To learn more about SOLIS, explore our research tools, or indicate your interest in SOLIS, please visit our offering page. Our offering circular is available here

For more details about investing in SOLIS, we encourage you to reach out to our investor relations team for a detailed walkthrough of the offering. Please let us know what time works best for you and we’ll call you. Schedule a time here or reach us directly at (212) 870-8895.

This investment may not be suitable for all investors. Distributions not guaranteed.  Property performance and performance of property tenants not guaranteed. Diversification does not eliminate the risk of experiencing investment loss.

June 21, 2022

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