Our mission at LEX is to empower wealth creation by solving real estate’s access and liquidity problems.

Our Approach to

The access problem

Historically, commercial real estate investment has been restricted to billion dollar institutions or high net worth investors. With our unique model of taking buildings public via IPO — alongside smart technology and an expert underwriting process — we’re making this $20+ trillion market accessible to all, whether you're a beginning investor or an accredited expert.

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Our Approach to

The liquidity problem

Traditional real estate investments lock up your capital for years, with high fees to exit your position. Because buildings on LEX trade just like stocks, investors on our platform can buy and sell shares of buildings whenever they need.

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Our Team

LEX brings together real estate, Wall Street, and technology

Our Goal

Unlock the tools of wealth creation

Real estate deserves liquidity, and all investors deserve access. Solving these two problems in the real estate market enables wealth creation for more people.

For Our Media Friends

Here’s the short intro to LEX

LEX is a new way to invest in real estate. LEX turns individual buildings into public stocks. Any U.S. investor can open a LEX account, browse opportunities in various asset classes such as multifamily and office buildings, and buy shares of individual buildings. As a shareholder, investors earn income when owners pay dividends and can trade their shares on our public market without lockups or hold periods. Each building on LEX has a ticker symbol and stock chart. LEX opens up direct and tax advantaged ownership in an asset class that has previously been inaccessible to most investors.

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