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What is LEX and how does LEX work?

How is LEX different?

How does LEX make money?

Getting Started

How do I create an account?

What am I investing in?

Who can invest?

Can international investors invest?

Investing With LEX

How do Instant Deposits Work?

What is the minimum investment?

How can I earn returns on my investment?

My account balance is rising by a few cents every month. Why?

How are distribution amounts calculated?

I bought shares in an offering. When will I be able to trade them?

Is LEX open to accredited investors?

I referred someone to LEX. When does the $50 credit become available?

What is the minimum investment?

How do I trade on LEX?

How are shares priced?

Can share prices for a property fluctuate?

What is an Indication of Interest?

What are distributions and how are they calculated?

How are distributions paid?

What fees do Investors pay?

Are there trading fees associated with making an investment on LEX?

Are there other property or operational fees associated with the investment?

Are shares tradable after the initial offering closes?

I bought shares in an offering. When will I be able to trade them?

What happens if a property is sold?

What is the holding time for securities offered on the LEX platform?

How many shares are issued in an offering?

How do I make money on LEX?

Who are the Property Owners?

Are Property Owners required to retain a significant equity stake in their properties?

How do you make sure that your platform is not hosting illegitimate investors?

What is the impact of COVID-19? Does it make any sense to invest?

Can I use my IRA?

When I post trades to the LEX ATS, who am I trading with?

Account, Privacy, & Security

Are my money and my securities safe?

Will LEX share my data with any third parties?

How do I withdraw my money?

How does LEX protect my personal and financial information?

Compliance, Risk, Taxes

Is there risk associated with an investment made on the LEX platform?

Why do you need my Social Security number and date of birth?

If I invest once, will I be required to contribute additional capital?

Are the financial reports of properties listed on the platform audited?

What property management responsibilities do I have as an investor?

What actions does LEX take to assess the quality of the assets offered on the LEX platform?

What happens in the event that LEX dissolves?

Are securities taxed as a partnership?

How do I file my taxes if I purchase properties in different states?


What information do I receive on performance and updates?

Property Owners

Can I require capital calls from the new public investors?

How is the price of my asset determined?

What are my obligations post-closing?

When can I use the LEX platform for a recapitalization?

How are these deals structured?

How much of my equity can I offer?

How do building owners benefit from issuing shares on the LEX platform?

Who are the investors in the securities?

Can I sell my asset after I use the LEX platform?

What are the basic requirements for a property to have its securities offered on the LEX platform?

Can I use LEX for acquisitions?

Can I collect new fees and a promote structure from these new investors?