Volatile market? Invest smarter.

✅ Diversify your portfolio
✅ Hedge against inflation
✅ Find stability in a volatile market
✅ Earn passive income

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$50 Bonus when you deposit your first $500
$200 Bonus when you deposit 10,000
$500 Bonus when you deposit $50,000
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How LEX Works


Buy equity shares of institutional grade commercial real estate

Open to accredited and non-accredited investors

How LEX Works


Receive cash distributions at the same rate as the majority owner

Earn appreciation if the value of the asset goes up over time

How Distributions Work ↗︎

*Distributions are not guaranteed.
Not actual information.
A representation of a fictional investor’s LEX app view.
Not actual information.
A representation of a fictional investor’s LEX app view.

How LEX Works


Exit your holdings without lockups or holding periods

Buy and sell shares between 9:30am and 4pm on the LEX Trading Platform (ATS)

*Liquidity is not guaranteed.

Benefits of the LEX Structure

Tax Advantaged

Benefit from the tax advantages of direct property ownership

How taxes work ↗︎

No Holding Periods

LEX investors can exit their position at their own discretion, without lockups or holding periods

*Liquidity is not guaranteed

Self Managed

Unlike REITs, investors hand-select their own portfolio of individual buildings, using detailed information to inform investment decisions

What Investors are Saying

LEX has changed the game for anyone wanting to get into commercial real estate investing. Now anyone can invest in commercial assets without committing their life savings to a single building."

Nate S.

Marketing Executive

Investors want and deserve access to all asset classes. LEX provides that for quality commercial real estate investments."

Estelle P.

Venture Capitalist

LEX Takes Investing Seriously

FINRA Member

Compliant with FINRA rules and regulations to protect all investor interests

Broker Dealer

Licensed to facilitate securities transactions

SEC Regulation

All offerings are made under Regulation A and are qualified by the SEC

Real Estate as an Investment Strategy

Passive income: when buildings generate income, investors receive distributions

Inflation hedge: rising rents create opportunities for higher distributions 

Diversification: individual real estate asset performance is generally less correlated to public markets

Appreciation: real estate can increase in value over time

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Investor FAQs

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How is LEX different?

How can I earn returns on my investment?

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