For real estate brokers

Tap into the 99% of buildings not for sale

LEX offers a new path to liquidity for your CRE owners, without them selling the whole building. Grow your business by using LEX as a tool for buildings that are not on the market.

Why CRE owners use LEX

LEX allows CRE owners to:

Raise Capital

Raise non-voting, perpetual equity

Maintain Control

Maintain control and management of the asset, replace existing limited partners

Increase Demand

Access more investors, which can drive demand and higher pricing

What LEX does for you

As a real estate broker:

Be ahead of the curve

Use LEX as a new tool to solve problems for your real estate owners who would like to create liquidity in an asset and extract cash without having to sell the building.

Do more deals

99% of the CRE market is normally not for sale but have some liquidity needs. Grow your Total Addressable Market (TAM)!

Earn money

FINRA members can get compensated for bringing a partial equity transaction to LEX similar to your commission for brokering a full transaction.

Case Study: the first LEX IPO

Gateway Garage Partners

  • Ticker: GWYGU
  • $1 million equity offering (4,000 shares priced at $250)
  • 600-space parking garage in downtown Portland, ME 
  • $24 million total asset value
  • Established operating history with stable cash flow (long-term corporate leases and variable transient income)
  • Proceeds used to fund capital improvements and return equity to owner
*share price is illustrative

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